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Meet Your Coach!

My role as a coach + mentor is to support you awakening to Your very own path to FreedOm. Through our coaching sessions, I help you separate the voices of your ego + soul so you can learn to discern between your subconscious fears + inner guru. I help you celebrate what makes you You while connecting + integrating mind, body, + spirit. Together, we activate your passion + purpose while creating + cultivating your dream reality.

Until I surrendered & learned to ask for help I was recycling patterns I couldn’t see, destroying everything in my path. With the help of many, I was no longer sleep walking and began awakening into my purpose. My heart believes that this is the power of true healing, and through radical self love we transcend the ailments of the soul and seek an alignment with the divine power which exists inside each and every one of us. We weren’t intended to do this alone & I truly believe we’re all just walking each other home. 

Cyn Marie