From motivational speaking on stages, becoming an author of multiple books, creating formulas and products, to guiding and making people aware of how to achieve their goals/desires, Jesus Agudo is determined to wake people up out of their distractions and complacency of society's grind. As a motivational speaker, he invokes in people a new-found appreciation for living life to its biggest potential. While also being a guide/coach to help assist people shift their perception, so that they can achieve their goals/desires.

Jesus Agudo can help light the fire within you to become motivated and inspired for new ways of life. No matter where you're at in your journey, he is here to give you the knowledge that can authentically boost you to bigger and better mindsets and livelihood. Looking for something new? Want to break free from a negative rut you seem to be in? Just not sure what to do next? Approach him and say hi, he is looking forward to talking to you and expanding your mind to new horizons. He is the CEO/Founder of Mynifest, LLC.


Next Level Manifesting


Think it. Provide it. Follow through and Achieve it."

Life Program

Mynifest is here to give the power back to the individual, so that they can actually acheive what they desire.

Mynifest is a process which involves you knowing how you are manifesting something as you end up turning such a desire into reality.

Great program for all that want to help themselves and others.

Relationship Program

A new approach on how to reconnect with that special one. 

Get back to that place of harmony, happiness, joy or love. Both will work towards one common goal.

Mynifest methods and tools can assist in building that connection once again.

Business Programs

Let's Bring a new type of vibe and knowledge base into your business that can motivate and educate employees and business owners.

The goal of teamwork and how each individuals role is just as important as the other.

Mynifest can show the path for all to follow in a successful way. A true deep dive into your business goals.