PREPARE | Getting Started

PREPARE | Journaling Practice

During this practice you will be diving deeper into yourself + connecting intimately with your mother archetype! Your higher self is guiding you so be gentle, kind, and patient as you move through it ♥

Before you get started:

+ ground yourself with some time observing your breath

+ create a safe space where you can explore this practice

+ have a notebook and pen for your practice + guided reflection

TIP: Grab something nourishing to help create comfort while exploring this healing practice


Grounding literally means visualizing yourself connected to the earth. Once you are grounded, you then visualize yourself centered in the present instead of constantly thinking of the past or the future. This is called being in the here and now. When grounded, you are totally present in your physical body, not floating around in the ethers open to influence or transference.

Signs you need to ground:

Spaced out


Not in your body

Ways to ground:

1. Drink purified water in which purified crystals have been soaking.

2. Pick leaves or flowers and hold for a while.

3. Go barefoot outdoors.

4. Weed the garden, mow the grass or other outdoor activity.

5. Eat heavy foods. Both caffeinated coffee and chocolate are also grounding.

6. Imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth.

7. Play with hematite or other grounding stones.

8. Listen to music with a heavy beat (not shamanic drumming)


Centering is simply the act of pulling all your scattered energies into your heart chakra. This allows you to be focused from the heart while doing energy work


Use this 5 step calming technique to tap into your senses + come back to the present moment.


Disclaimer: The intention of this course is to cultivate a positive atmosphere to unpack. The Mother Wound and does not offer therapy nor personal advice, though we may offer information and resources regarding wellness, this is not a substitute for therapy. 

A crisis is an immediate concern for one’s safety or wellbeing. Please use the below coping skills and supports to maintain safety. Though this program is facilitated by various helping professionals and healers, 24 hour crisis support is not provided. Below is a list of crisis resources that do provide 24 hour coverage should this be needed. 

We encourage group participants to connect with a counselor, therapist, or healer that can be additional support as this program may evoke various emotions as we walk together to unpack each Chakra. In the event that you are unable to get a hold of your therapist or schedule an immediate appointment, please contact the below crisis resources in our community

Suicide Crisis Hotline: 988 

Crisis Text Line: 741741 (Text ‘HOME’) 

Mobile Crisis Support 24/7: (877) 626-1772 

911 or go to nearest Emergency Department

If seeking a therapist please checkout:

Psychology Today

Good Therapy

Inclusive Therapists

Therapy for Black Girls

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