EXPAND | The Mother Archetype

EXPAND | The Mother Archetype

The Mother Archetype is one of the most universally recognized Feminine Archetypes. The Mother, figuratively, is no less than the source of all life. She represents the love and nurture humans need from day one. Her greatest gift is to sustain and renew her surroundings – which can take shape of a family, a garden, or a community project.

She lives and breathes female authority and fosters growth wherever she goes. She presides over the realm of life and death. And, she has the heart of a lioness – if you threaten what is dear to her… you’re in for a ride. She defends those she loves at all costs.

The Mother Archetype‘s ability to love is a well without a bottom and a blessing to those under her wings. She has plenty of love to spare and readily gives all of it to those around her.

Main Characteristics of the Mother Archetype

Deepest desire: to be of service

Goal: to contribute to other people’s happiness, to help and nurture

Deepest fear: to be met with ingratitude, feeling useless

Signature move: being attentive and generous

Hidden talent: exceptional gift giver

The roots of the Mother Archetype lie in an idealized version of motherhood – however, in today‘s modern world, if your main archetype is the Mother, it doesn't mean you have or want children. It rather comes down to the motherly energy you radiate and the joy you find nurturing growth.

Our first six months of life on earth we have no awareness we are separate from our mothers. These earliest years are our most formative, a tender time when we learn what it feels like to belong and be loved. Our relationship with our mother, or other primary caregivers, establishes the emotional tone and psychological patterns that will impact us for the rest of our lives.

Even if we were lucky enough to have a mother who was present, loving, and capable, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Every mother has her own unique history, emotional wounds, and painful struggles that will inevitably impact her children. As adults, spending time deeply and honestly reflecting upon this most primary relationship can be both enlightening and healing.

Mother wounds are inflicted through generational traumas. Like internalized negative messages, unhealthy behaviors, negative self-talk, and toxic ways of communicating or handling conflict. Our mothers hand down their trauma, most without awareness or intention. And we are entirely capable of doing the same, which is why being the cycle breaker in your lineage is so important.

For some, it may feel dangerous to actualize our full potential because it may mean risking some form of rejection by our mother.

The Mother Wound Includes the Pain Of:

Comparison | not feeling good enough

Shame | consistent background sense that there is something wrong with you

Attenuation | feeling you must remain small in order to be loved

Guilt | a persistent sense of guilt for wanting more than you currently have

How the Mother Wound Manifests:

Not being your full self because you don’t want to threaten others

Having a high tolerance for poor treatment from others

Emotional care-taking

Feeling competitive with other women


Being overly rigid and dominating

Conditions such as eating disorders, depression and addictions

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